CODE OF CONDUCT (Teaching and Non- Teaching staff)


  1. All the employees shall be punctual to their duties and shall adhere to the college timings

09.10 a.m. to 04.10 p.m.

  1. All the teaching staff should adhere to the defined almanac in class room lecturing, conducting labs, and research classes according to the approved scheme of instruction.
  2. All the teaching and non teaching staff should think at all times that justice is done to the students in aspects with regards to instruction in the class room, conduct of examinations and evaluation. All the teaching and non teaching are expected to deal kindly with the students as far as possible within the fame work rules without sacrificing discipline. They are expected to maintain attendance records upto date and record periodically as per the rules in force.
  3. Conduct of semester examinations and midterm examination of college, including invigilation, evaluation and assessment of the student’s performance, computation of attendance form a part of the duties of teachers. The non-teaching staff shall assist in the arrangements for the smooth conduct of examinations and attend all connected work as assigned by the HOD or person in charge.
  4. The technical staff in departments shall be punctual and shall keep the laboratories clean and presentable form for the use of the students and teaching staff during the normal working hours of the college. They shall strive hard to ensure that there will be no room for complaint either from the teachers or from the students.
  5. No employee should use impertinent language and derogatory loose talk while interacting with superiors and should obey the work entrusted. Also the heads of departments or persons in charge are expected to give clear, feasible instructions.


  1. The college will be run by the management with the principal being the head of the institution.
  2. The management or the principal are vested with powers to take any appropriate action as deemed fit in case of exigencies to protect or maintain general discipline, prestige and standards of the institution and all such decisions are final and binding on the students.
  3. Students of the college are not permitted to resort to strikes and demonstrations. Participation in any such activity shall automatically result in dismissal from the college.
  4. Organizing  , holding , or participating in any demonstrations or any political gatherings except professional associations is strictly prohibited in the college.
  5. Any student responsible for bringing outsiders into the college campus for settling student disputes wll be expelled from the college.
  6. Smoking  , consumption of alcohol drinks or drugs , playing cards , gambling of any kind is prohibited in the college premises. If any student is found violating this rule , he/she will be severely punished and may lead to expulsion from college.
  7. Damaging the property of the college , canteen or hostel will be viewed as a very serious offence.
  8. Tainting , distorting or spoiling the name of the college management , faculty, any faculty or staff or any fellow student through any social media platforms or networks like whatsapp , facebook, youtube, twitter etc. is strictly prohibited. Those found indulging in such acts will be dealt as per the cybercrime laws.
  9. No student shall leave the classroom without the permission of the teacher.
  10. During the class hours, no student is expected to loiter in the campus , be in the canteen or transact any office work.
  11. Those who abstain from college must submit leave letter duly signed by parents/guardian to his/her respective mentor.
  12. In case of medical problem , medical certificate must be submitted immediately after the student returns to college.
  13. Student should not sit on the parapet walls or on the steps or on the staircases. They are forbidden from loitering in the corridors or in the campus at any time during the session of the college.
  14. Calling students out of their classrooms while the lecture is in progress or any other disruptive practices are strictly prohibited .
  15. Food and beverages are not permitted in computer labs or classrooms. Those must be consumed in designated areas only.
  16. In case of cancellation of a class, students shall go to the library, but not to be found anywhere else in the campus.
  17. All students shall clear all the dues including hostel and library in the odd semester itself.
  18. Any student found violating the rules of conduct and discipline will be dealt with severely including expulsion from the college. Their misbehavior will also be reflected in the conduct certificate issued at the time of leaving the college.
  19. No one should indulge in Ragging or Eve-Teasing in any form which attracts serious punishment and entails summary dismissal also as per the central and state government norms.
  20. It is highly recommended to speak only English on the campus.