St. Johns College of Pharmaceutical Sciences has started with a bright and clear vision for the next 20 years.

           To become an eminent college of pharmaceutical sciences contributing significantly to the development of indigenous procedure using modern technology and to create unique and high standard of education in pollution free environment. Our institute should produce qualitative pharmacists equipped with adequate knowledge and expertise to fulfill the present day requirements of the industry. As being a pharmaceutical college, our mission is, to provide qualitative education to rural society in order to compete with modern society and to mould the students into world-class pharmacists of tomorrow who would endeavor to increase the quality of life for human kind. The society wishes to equip young men and women with sophisticated pharmaceutical education, sound personality development, application of thought so as to enable them to face the challenges of professional world. The college aims at developing itself into an autonomous institution where a student should complete his/her bachelor’s degree as well as master’s degree in pharmaceutical sciences and also he/she should carryout research program. The college emphasizes on both industry oriented and research oriented teaching, so that it can act as a bridge between industry and human power.


      How widely and pervasively are the Vision and Mission understood by the faculty, the administration, the students, the supporting staff, and the community in general?

      SJCPS has core faculty who have rich experience in respective fields, with wide experience in their areas of specialization, they are involved in carefully planning the college timetable laying equal emphasis on both classroom teaching and practical lab teaching.
In the view of promoting maximum efficiency, monthly department meetings will be conducted and the student-faculty interaction is made clear. Also faculty is working extra hours if needed for the promotion of quality education. The college library and Computer center are kept opened even after the college hours to allow the students gain additional expertise.

      Though it is a rural area, the administration has added up the cream to the college’s view of achieving its goal. In the view of providing the financial help for the poor and backward classes, the college administration has taken the help of state social welfare department and many students have been profited, by granting scholarships. The administration concentrates on institute-industry interaction by conducting seminars and workshops by the industry people. Thus the students become familiar with current market trends. 

The Action Plan:

    The college aims at

1. Developing itself into an autonomous institute where a student can complete his/her Bachelor’s degree as well as Master’s degree in Pharmaceutical sciences and also carryout Research activities.

2. Developing itself into an industry endorsed institute, by training the students to match the industrial requirements.

3. Develop its R&D Center to import projects from multinational companies and make the students exposed to live projects.

4. Starting new courses as per the requirements of the society.

5. Establish new pharmaceutical industry to hire its own students.

6. Collaborating with National as well as International organizations, Research Institutes, Laboratories etc.

7. Conducting national and international conferences over current burning topics.

8. Conduct faculty training programmes to improve the standard of college.